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5 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is WINNING At Life

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid Legend is a winner both on and off the field.

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Cristiano Ronaldo graced Real Madrid last night with a stunning hat-trick which saw his side fight through to the semi-final of the Champions League. Wolfsburg, their opponents, might feel as though Ronaldo's one-man show much to their misfortune. But, not-so-coincidentally, Ronnie's magic tricks have seen him pull a few unbelievable over the years. So, in celebration of the three-time Ballon d'Or winner's stunning performance, this is the top list of reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is winning at life.

5. He's Record Breaking

Being the second most expensive footballer player of all time is a tough task. The weight of the expectation placed on Ronaldo following his 2009 £80m transfer to Real Madrid from Manchester United. However, despite that weight, he became the fastest player to reach 40 goals in La Liga. This feat, along with the 26 goals he scored in just 29 games, makes his on-field achievements some of the most solid in the games. While doing all this record breaking, too, it must be remembered that he earns upwards of £15m in salary alone per annum.

4. His Deal with XTrade

Luckily, coming with being one of the greatest footballers on the planet comes with a great deal of demand and an extremely high price. Ronaldo’s own sponsorship deals don’t outweigh, but certainly don’t shy in comparison to, even his astronomical salary at Madrid. Most recently, the Portugal captain signed a deal with XTrade, making him the first ever football superstar to sign with a Forex trading platform. After signing to the company, he told press at the time: “To be the best, you need the best. That is why I have chosen to partner with XTrade, one of the world’s leading online trading platforms. And there is no easy way to become the world’s best.”

3. His Luxury Pad

Of course, with all these lucrative deals, salaries and Forex in place, the forward requires a luxury pad in which to spend his downtime. Until the back end of last year, the contents of Ronaldo’s home were just a dream to fans of him. Regardless of the expectation, his home, - while visually stunning - did churn up a few odd items. Next to the gorgeous swimming pool laid a, frankly bizarre, mask statue, a porcelain dog and a plethora of ominous pink bottles.

2. His Extensive Dating Portfolio

Ronaldo is, too, a very attractive man. His dating portfolio claims to have hit the far-reaches of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and, up until recently, supermodel Irina Shayk. His athletic frame has seen him feature (mostly topless) on the front cover of GQ in almost every country and his work with Armani has been lauded. While details of the soccer star’s financials when it comes to his sports modelling, other deals with Gucci, Nike and Tag Heuer are certainly extremely lucrative.

1. He Has His Own Underwear Line

And, of course, what do you do with that adonis-esque figure and being just generally internationally lusted after? Of course, opening a clothing line is one route but, hey, it’s Ronaldo: so an underwear line was the only way to go. Of course, CR7 underwear has become an internationally recognized brand after modelling from the man himself and using his famous branding.

All of these reasons make Ronaldo one of the most lucrative talents in the world and thus suggest Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely winning life. His seemingly endless list of endorsements, property portfolios and cold hard cash are evidence of his ability to monetize talent. On top of that, aged just 31, Ronnie's probably still got a good few years left, too.

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