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The Truth About Selfies

The internal battle of the "selfie" is one that haunts us all, it goes a little like this... #SelfieSunday #ChurchFlow #FuneralSelfie #SelfieOlympics #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie #Selfie

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Selfies? Please...

How vain do you think I am?


Selfies are for middle school girls who snuck on twenty layers of make up on the bus and shirtless, needy guys in the gym that just need 700 likes to fall asleep at night. I don't need that kind of attention, okay?!

But you're not asking for attention with your selfies...

I'm too old for this... like seriously / Via

All those selfie takers act like they're so fabulous and popular and like people actually care about their selfies...

But... I'm fabulous and popular too....

And I mean...I look REALLY good today.... / Via

I just have to make sure this outfit looks good in pictures...just in case

Phew, man I am #FeelinMyself / Via

#AMIRIGHT? People gotta know about this.

Posting Time = Judgement Day / Via

Ugh all of my followers are going to think I'm full of myself...

The Acceptance of Haters / Via

You weigh the pros and cons of posting that photo and decide #IDGAF

This is INCREDIBLE, I'm a model and a GREAT photographer

I mean... you look really good / Via

I mean... you look really good

And when ya look good, ya look good / Via

"All dressed up with no where to go" is a thing of the past... you have the internet now, you're always going somewhere. Show off that #SelfieSwag!

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