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    How You Think NPR Reporters Look Vs. How They Actually Do

    Radio is theater of the mind, right?

    Imagined Larry Mantle

    Actual Larry Mantle

    Imagined Lakshmee Sang

    Actual Lakshmi Singh

    Imagined Ari Shapiro

    Actual Ari Shapiro


    Hear here.

    Imagined Steve Chiatakiss

    Actual Steve Chiotakis

    Imagined Audie Cornish

    Actual Audie Cornish

    Hear here.

    Imagined Steve Inskeep

    Actual Steve Inskeep

    Hear here.

    Imagined Terry Gross

    Actual Terry Gross

    Hear here.

    Imagined Alex Cohen

    Actual Alex Cohen

    Hear here.

    Imagined Ira Glass

    Actual Ira Glass

    Hear here.