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    12 Holiday Desserts That Will Make You Wish You Were Gluten-Free

    Good thing you can eat them either way.

    1. Coconut truffles with a chocolate dip.

    The recipe claims the chocolate dip is 'optional,' but we know better.

    2. Peanut butter pie.

    Be still, my heart. Recipe here.

    3. Chocolate peppermint trifle.

    'Tis the season for fudge. Recipe here.

    4. Chocolate chip quinoa cookies.

    Dude. Recipe here.

    5. Cinnamon rolls.

    Good morning? More like the goodest morning of all time. Recipe here.

    6. Ginger-citrus grain-free donuts.

    Recipe/directions to heaven here.

    7. French macarons.

    It's a tough recipe, but worth it? Oui.

    8. Chianti-roasted pears.

    You just don't get this creative without restrictions. Recipe here.

    9. Hazelnut dacquoise with chocolate.

    No idea how to pronounce it? No problem. Recipe here.

    10. Eggnog cupcakes.

    You've been nice this year, apparently. Recipe here.

    11. Pure mint chip ice cream.

    It's cold outside, but whatever. Recipe here.

    12. Pumpkin panna cotta with caramelized pears.

    May the spirit of fall live on in your mouth. Recipe here.