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    39 Things To Get If Disorganization Gets On Your Last Nerves

    If clutter makes you physically uncomfortable, this post is for you.

    1. Vacuum-sealed bags that'll transform your closet from an ever-teetering avalanche of stuff into an organized stack with room to spare.

    2. Color-coded cutting board mats if food poisoning is one of your number one fears in the kitchen, even though you take *every* precaution to keep raw meat away from other ingredients. These labeled mats will give you a little extra peace of mind as you cook — plus, they're just cute.

    Seven color-coded mats no bigger than the traditional folder size that are light green, dark green, yellow, red, purple, orange, and blue

    3. Under-bed storage bins to fully utilize that hidden extra space under the bed, couch, or closet. Perfect for storing winter clothes, kids' toys, shoes, blankets, and more, these bins keep things tidy, *and* their transparent top makes it easy to find what you're looking for at a glance!

    4. A magnetic bobby pin tray because somehow, bobby pins have a way of ending up in every nook and cranny of your home. This tiny but mighty holder keeps bobby pins firmly in place until you actually pick one up — you can even toss this into your purse without worrying about them scattering everywhere.

    5. An internet address and password log book to keep all your various passwords and usernames in one place where only you have access — no more hastily scribbled passwords on Post-it notes around your desk.

    6. A laundry sorter cart so that when it comes time to run a load, you don't have to spend time sorting your whites from your colors.

    four fabric bags shaped like squares and hanging from a metal frame which is on wheels. The bags read "darks," "whites," "work," and "linens" from left to right.

    7. A hanging organizer to keep your shoes sorted and easily visible instead of tripping over that pile of them by the door.

    8. A bag-organizing insert if your purse is essentially a dark abyss into which things go to disappear forever. This insert will be your little organizing secret, featuring one large pocket, two zipper pockets, and six mesh pockets so each and every one of your travel essentials has its own place.

    9. A weekly meal planning pad so you can quickly plan out what you'll be eating each week and jot down ingredients you need, which will also help you shop faster (and avoid impulse purchases) during your weekly grocery trip.

    10. Divider sticky notes to organize your thoughts and make notes in a book, planner, or journal without altering it permanently. They also double as tabs so you can easily flip to a certain section.

    11. A desktop stand riser that'll help you make the most of your workspace thanks to cutouts on the top for things like your mug and pens, two drawers, an open cubby, and space underneath for storing your keyboard and mouse after work. There's even a cute phone holder — I'm not saying you should put on YouTube videos while you work, but I'm just saying you could.

    An Apple monitor sitting on a bamboo monitor stand with two drawers and various cutouts/storage for holding a mug, phone, stapler, and more

    12. A two-sided tea stand if there's a mountain of open tea boxes currently occupying a cabinet in your kitchen. This stand takes up a fraction of the space and makes it easier to find the exact blend you're looking for.

    13. A mail slot for keeping your bills, letters, and cards all sorted, including outgoing mail. It also has six hooks for holding keys and two little chalk boards for leaving notes, like "Turn off your straightener!"

    A small wooden fixture with two slots on top of one another for sticking papers in. Metal hooks for keys are on the bottom. Both slots have a small chalkboard on the front for writing.

    14. A lid organizer, because as handy as plastic containers are, searching the right lid to a specific bowl can easily turn into a five-minute ordeal. This holds both round and square lids up to 9 inches wide to turn your Tupperware cabinet from a mess into a functional space.

    15. A U-shaped shelf organizer so you can easily locate your bottle of oregano instead of searching for minutes...and eventually buying a duplicate because you couldn't find it tucked away in the back.

    16. A stacking silverware sorter for making the most of your drawer space while keeping your forks, spoons, and knives organized instead of jumbled together in a big 'ol mess. Some reviewers ended up getting two of these to sort more types of silverware!

    a skinny, rectangular-shaped plastic container with four different slots for sliding utensils in

    17. A Book Lover's Journal if reading is such a big part of your life, you like to track what you've read, take notes on your current read, and jot down recs for specific books or authors to scope out next.

    18. And a personal library kit for all the times you let friends "borrow" your favorite books — sure, you want them to check out that novel, but you'd also like to get it back someday. This cute set will help you keep track of who's had what book for how long while also leaving you nostalgic for your days of visiting the local library as a kid.

    the kit in a box

    19. A 60-minute visual timer helpful for organizing your time, arguably the most important thing to keep track of! Setting a certain amount of time, like 15 or 30 minutes, for working on a task can actually help you stay focused and work more efficiently.

    a timer that has the style of clock but instead of all 12 hours of the day, it has numbers 0 to 55 to count up to an hour. As the clock arms move forward, the time that's already passed is red.

    20. A double-side storage tray to declutter the bathroom counter or tabletop with storage for extra TP, towels, and other supplies. Of course, the best part is the playful messaging: One side says "Best seat in the house," while the other says "Wash your hands, ya filthy animal."

    21. A dishwasher magnet you can flip to indicate the current status of the dishes inside — that way the next person who comes along knows without a doubt. No more combing for dirty dishes accidentally placed inside a clean dishwasher!

    It's shaped like an octagon and the top says "dirty" while the bottom says "clean"

    22. A gorgeous, sleek car trash can designed to fit most cup holders or car door pockets so you can stash your McDonald's wrappers, used napkins, and old receipts until you can get to an actual trash can to dump them.

    23. Cable clips to straighten out that mess of cords tangled behind your computer that you've been trying very hard not to think about.

    the clip looks like a tiny ball, but has a a slit down the center for easily sliding a cord through

    24. And on the topic of cords, a travel organizer case so you can avoid the dreaded wad of various chargers and cables when stored together in a small space. Now you can keep your USB-C, micro-USB, and lightning cables neatly separate, no detangling necessary.

    25. A remote-control organizer for keeping all your different remotes in one place instead of scattered across the living room — and we all know one inevitably ends up between the couch cushions *at least* once a month.

    An oval-shaped container with four remote controllers standing up inside it

    26. Or a sleek sofa and bedside caddy to store your lounging essentials while also keeping them an arm's length away.

    27. A set of velvet hangers capable of keeping even your slipperiest clothes (like silk and satin) held in place, PLUS they're thinner than the average hanger, saving you precious closet space.

    28. Pretty pantry labels so you can organize all your pantry essentials with a clean, consistent look that's extremely ~pleasing~ to the eyes.

    The labels on containers of flour, brown rice, and oats

    29. Red heel-inspired pushpins for the corkboard you use for planning and organizing projects — these'll ~pump~ up the look of the space in a big way while also neatly holding all your papers.

    30. A magnetic utensil set to keep some of your most-used kitchen tools close at hand while taking up very little space on your counter — and zero space in your drawers. This beautiful set includes a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and ladle.

    a stack of spoons sitting inside of each other. The stack is standing on the magnetic stand.

    31. A clothing folding board because nothing looks nicer than *perfectly* folded clothes, but who has the time to stand there and Marie Kondo every single piece of clothing? This board is easy enough for even kids to use and gives you precise folds every time.

    32. A shower curtain that doubles as storage thanks to its nine quick-dry mesh pockets. Instead of precariously balancing your various bottles of shampoo and conditioner on the bathtub ledge, you can give everything its own place, and any guests will have space to put their products as well!

    the curtains hanging up with the mesh pockets facing outside of the shower

    33. A car trunk organizer so you can stop apologizing for the clutter every time you give someone a ride. With multiple compartments and 10 pockets, there's more than enough room for organizing your auto essentials, and the strong handles allow you to move it around with ease.

    34. Expandable drawer dividers to tackle that drawer that always ends up a jumbled mess — you know the one. They're easily installed, using tension for a secure fit, and allow you to give everything its own place so you don't end up with bras tangled together with socks.

    a drawer pulled out with three sections created by the separators. The sections include panties, bras, and tees.

    35. A toddler-size storage shelf perfect for storing and organizing your kiddo's toys while keeping everything visible so they can actually see and play with all their toys. The colorful boxes *might* even encourage them to clean up on their own!

    It has four shelves which are each filled with four bright containers filled with toys separated neatly in side

    36. Exercise cards to implement some order into your workout routine, with 50 different exercises you can mix and match to create a custom workout you can do right at home. No more wasting time trying to pull up a YouTube video and figure out what you should do.

    the box of cards

    37. A sloth daily planner and note pad you can use to plan your to-dos and organize your tasks while also looking at cute, relaxed sloths as a reminder to take it easy when life starts to feel overwhelming.

    a single sheet from the note pad that has sections to fill out that say "to-do soon," "eventual appointments," "to-do (after a nap)," "errands to run," and "people to contact in due time."

    38. A jewelry tree to neatly display your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings without giving them the chance to tangle themselves into an unusable mess.