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What Do You Think Is The Shittiest Thing Harry Potter Ever Did?

Just because you're the Chosen One doesn't mean you can choose to be a knobhead.

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But Harry Potter (the character) is a complete fucken idiot.


Yes he saved the wizarding world (by relying on other people) and he was The Boy Who Lived and all that... but he also is a real numbskull about 95% of the time. More like The Dickhead Who Lived.

First of all, he only cares about himself.

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He forgot that Ginny was posessed by Voldemort. He ignored his friends' problems because his scar was hurting. He tried to hit on Cho just after her boyfriend died. He dated his best friend's sister. He broke every goddamn rule at Hogwarts and dragged poor old Hermione and Ron into danger every time.

He's constantly mad about something.

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Seriously, let's rename Order of the Phoenix to "Harry Potter and the Unnecessary Teenage Angst". Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just do your homework, mate.

So, tell us what you think is Harry's most idiotic moment in the series for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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