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Taylor Swift Turned A Fashion Mistake Into New Merch And It's Incredible

Shirts are hard.

Hi guys. Let's start this story back in late 2014. It was a much simpler time, one that we can all look back on now with fondness. The talk about town? Taylor Swift had just dropped 1989.

Big Machine / Via ABC

One day in November, aka fall, aka peak Taylor Swift season, she headed out to a basketball game in NYC while wearing a red sweater.

James Devaney / GC Images

It seemed like a great fashion choice, until Tumblr account tayswiftstyle pointed out that she was wearing it...backwards.

"Taylor opting to wear the neck cut out side for the front and the high-neck turtleneck to the back." How politely worded.

Taylor replied on Tumblr with this:

And it became one of those funny fandom things, like "no, it's Becky", that we love to make fun of her for.

If you're ever having a bad day just remember that Taylor Swift wore a shirt backwards without realizing it.

i'm doing the taylor swift and wearing my shirt backwards today

Now flash-forward to November 2017. Taylor's sixth album, Reputation, is about to drop and she's launched a whole new range of merchandise.

It's seriously amazing stuff, and I somehow need to find the money to buy literally every piece.

One of the sweaters in the lookbook really caught some fans' eyes.

Queen of reclaiming narratives. πŸ™Œ

James Devaney / GC Images,

We can't know for sure but it definitely seems to me like something Taylor would do. πŸ˜‚

Everyone told her she was wearing the shirt wrong so she went ahead and made it herself. Iconic #Reputation

The merch will be available next week at pop-up shops to promote Reputation, which drops November 10.

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