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Taylor Swift Turned A Fashion Mistake Into New Merch And It's Incredible

Shirts are hard.

Hi guys. Let's start this story back in late 2014. It was a much simpler time, one that we can all look back on now with fondness. The talk about town? Taylor Swift had just dropped 1989.

One day in November, aka fall, aka peak Taylor Swift season, she headed out to a basketball game in NYC while wearing a red sweater.

It seemed like a great fashion choice, until Tumblr account tayswiftstyle pointed out that she was wearing it...backwards.

"Taylor opting to wear the neck cut out side for the front and the high-neck turtleneck to the back." How politely worded.

Taylor replied on Tumblr with this:

And it became one of those funny fandom things, like "no, it's Becky", that we love to make fun of her for.

If you're ever having a bad day just remember that Taylor Swift wore a shirt backwards without realizing it.

i'm doing the taylor swift and wearing my shirt backwards today

Now flash-forward to November 2017. Taylor's sixth album, Reputation, is about to drop and she's launched a whole new range of merchandise.

One of the sweaters in the lookbook really caught some fans' eyes.

Queen of reclaiming narratives. 🙌

We can't know for sure but it definitely seems to me like something Taylor would do. 😂

Everyone told her she was wearing the shirt wrong so she went ahead and made it herself. Iconic #Reputation

The merch will be available next week at pop-up shops to promote Reputation, which drops November 10.