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19 Things To Know Before Driving Around Australia In A Van

The great Aussie road trip is just one of those things you have to do.

Australia is a really, really big country. You could drive around for a year and not even come close to seeing all the amazing things it's got to offer. That's why so many people are choosing to explore the country on a super-long road trip.

1. Think about seasons before you plan a route.

2. You might spend up to $100 a day on fuel.

3. But you can save on accomodation.

4. Check out Wikicamps for more info on free sites.

5. Speaking of which, get used to having no service on your phone!

6. Take a camp stove.

7. The easiest meals to make are meat-free ones.

8. Yes, you can travel as a solo girl.

9. Constantly ask people about the best places to go.

10. And talk to everyone you meet.

11. A lot of the really beautiful, pure, pristine stuff is off the beaten track.

12. You should seriously consider getting a 4WD van.

13. Seriously, preparation is key.

14. Think about the little things.

15. Take your time, if you can.

16. You can't skip the north of Western Australia.

17. Don't underestimate using Instagram to find places to visit.

18. It's not as hard to find a shower as you might think.

19. And it's one of the best things you will ever do – everyone should try it at least once.

I met and interviewed Lara while travelling in Western Australia with Tourism Australia. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.