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    18 Unspoken Rules You Really Need To Know Before Staying In Hostels

    I promise it's not as daunting (or as crusty) as it seems!

    If you're travelling and trying to stick to a budget, there's nothing better than a good hostel.

    But if you're new to the world of hostels, it can be a little daunting – there are certain unspoken rules that everyone mysteriously seems to know. So in one handy place, here's everything to be across before starting your hostel journey.

    1. Keep in mind that some hostels will charge you for a towel.

    2. Private rooms are a good way to get used to hostel life.

    3. Female-only dorms are super common!

    4. Look for hostels that offer activities.

    5. Don't have sex when there are other people in the room.

    6. Check the hostel's location before you book.

    7. You don't really get to choose top or bottom bunk.

    8. Some hostel beds are ~fancier~ than others.

    9. Choose a dorm size that you're comfortable with.

    10. Don't snooze your alarm for hours.

    11. Avoid turning on the overhead lights when people are asleep in the morning.

    12. And pack all your stuff up the night before an early departure.

    13. Speaking of which, leave something on your bed when you go out for the day.

    14. Bring a padlock.

    15. Book in advance if you're travelling around an ~event~.

    16. Bring earplugs and an eye mask.

    17. Always read the reviews before booking a hostel.

    18. And finally, bring your own pillowcase.