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    A Unicorn Café Actually Exists And It Looks Goddamn Magical

    Complete with rainbow pasta and milkshakes.

    This, my friends, is the Unicorn Café.

    Instagram: @lynnalin / Via

    It literally looks like a unicorn has farted a strawberry-scented rainbow all over a giant room, which was then turned into a café. And it's incredible.

    The café is located in Bangkok and is filled with plushies, My Little Pony toys, and a bunch of other unicorn paraphernalia.

    Instagram: @jill_manuel / Via

    Oh, and of course, the food matches the decor.

    Instagram: @aprilwanderland / Via

    There's rainbow cake, colored waffles, cotton candy milkshakes, and rainbow spaghetti carbonara.

    Instagram: @beeeaaan / Via

    And there are incredibly comfy-looking couches and plush toys to snuggle with after your meal.

    Instagram: @marzannrose / Via

    What a dream.

    Instagram: @urtebudaite / Via