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    Taylor Swift Didn't Have A 4th Of July Party And Now I Have No Idea How Long Her Hair Is

    What's the point of Independence Day without a Taylor Swift party?

    For the last couple of years, Taylor Swift has thrown some pretty fucking epic 4th of July parties.

    Like, this girl does NOT hold back.

    Her giant mansion in Rhode Island gets filled with her famous friends and they have the kind of party that us mere mortals couldn't even dream of.

    And they have iconic themed outfits and somehow manage to take photos of fireworks which I thought was humanly impossible.

    Instagram: @rubyrose

    It's literally the best event of the entire year. And don't bother trying to tell me in the comments that Taylor is a snake who no one cares about anymore. You clicked this post. She's eternally iconic.

    I aspire to be as extra as Taylor with buying a $20 million mansion only to use it for 1-2 parties each year

    Now picture this: It's July 5th, and the first thing I do when I wake up is check Instagram to see the deluge of Taymerica™ photos.

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    ^ This is a photo of me before my world came crashing down. ^

    Because I'm in Australia, I'd anticipated spending the whole day catching up on everything that had been posted while I was sleeping in the future. But... THERE WAS NOTHING THERE???!!!

    How could this happen? Just days ago I saw a real creepshot of the infamous slide, blown up and ready to be enjoyed.

    Taylor's waterslide is up at her home in Rhode Island - looks like her annual 4th of July party will be happening!…

    And I'd also seen photos of her dad and older family members hanging out at her house. I'm not going to post them here because they're a real invasion of privacy, imo. BUT THEY'RE OUT THERE.

    Why would Taylor's extended family all hang out at her designated 4th of July house, on the 4th of July, WITHOUT HER?

    It has been SO LONG since we've seen Taylor in public, which is FINE, I guess, but also I'm a thirsty fan who just wants to know how long her hair is.

    And look, we're all shook.

    Nothing from Taylor on July 4th, that's like my own mother not telling me happy birthday on my damn birthday

    As a human I respect Taylor and her break but also as a human I need her back in my life

    is this what taylor felt like when jake didn't show up to her party

    Sure, she's under no contractual obligation to throw a party, and she's an adult with a right to privacy, but honestly, what a troll.

    Big Machine

    I can just picture her deciding not to throw a party, and then telling her family members to hang out at her house, put up the slide, and make us all think she was coming.

    Though maaaaaayyyyyybeeeeeee she actually did have a party and just hasn't posted photos yet?

    When Taylor doesn't post pictures on 4th of July

    Maybe I'm going to wake up in the morning to 800 photos and I'm just going to look like a real idiot for writing this whole thing. One can dream.

    Or, you know. Maybe she just didn't want to have a party. Whatever. It's FINE. It's her choice. It's cool. I'm OK.

    Now I'm going home to cry into an American flag. Bye.

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