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    Posted on 24 May 2018

    28 Snacks From A Thailand 7/11 Which You'd Never Find Back Home

    This place is amazing.

    1. A sausage and cheese jaffle.

    All photos taken by BuzzFeed

    2. Pre-made garlic bread!

    3. Fresh dumplings, pork buns, and meat skewers.

    4. This fish burger with creamy sauce.

    5. And a croissant filled with carbonara sauce.

    6. Cheese pizza fish sticks.

    7. These ham and cheese sambo flavoured chips.

    8. These crispy, fried crickets.

    9. And these BBQ-flavoured silkworms.

    10. Oh, and these teeny-tiny crispy shrimp.

    11. Candy made from durian, one of the stinkiest fruits known to man.

    12. Dehydrated tomatoes.

    13. These crispy rolls made from rice flour, coconut, and banana.

    I can confirm they are DELICIOUS.

    14. These chocolate-flavoured corn rings.

    15. This breadstick-looking thing, which is creamy corn soup flavour.

    16. Pre-made imitation crab sushi.

    17. A Milo popper, which is every Aussie's dream.

    18. And Milo nuggets????

    19. This drink, which is only for men.

    20. This complete meal, with chicken, veggies, noodles, and rice.

    21. Strawberry flavour edible paper.

    22. A giant sheet of seaweed.

    23. Pistachio milk which actually tasted better than I'd expected.

    24. A giant minced pork bun.

    25. I'm not quite sure, but I think these were chocolate-filled puffs... with a dinosaur on them.

    26. These sausage buns.

    27. Buttered bread.

    28. And these crispy mushrooms which looked way cooler than they tasted.

    BuzzFeed flew to Bangkok as a guest of Air Asia for their Half A Billion Guests Flown celebration.