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    Thailand's 7-Elevens Are One Of My Favorite Places On Earth — Here's Why

    Barista coffee, single-use mascaras, and corn on the cob — all under one roof.

    1. Guys, we need to take a minute to talk about 7-Elevens in Thailand. They're nothing short of amazing.

    A fancy 7-11 store in Thailand with outdoor seating and plants
    Jemima Skelley

    They're not just a convenience store where you buy gum and a snack for the road. They're amazing little treasure troves, filled with delicious meals and fresh coffee and beauty products and trinkets.

    2. Forget crusty coffee machines — a lot of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand actually have cafés inside that make fresh coffee and iced tea.

    Cafe menu featuring hot and cold coffee and tea
    Jemima Skelley

    3. The coffee frappés they sell are downright delicious, but they've also got excellent classic Thai milk tea and Starbucks-esque pink drinks.

    In Thailand, you could find #PinkMilk #นมชมพู in 7-11 with cost you only 1.26 USD

    4. Speaking of tea, if you're a fan of bubble tea then you'll be in heaven.

    Jemima Skelley

    We're talking ice cream and chocolates with that delicious Thai tea flavour, embedded with chewy tapioca pearls.

    5. They've even got a milk tea flavour Kit-Kat.

    A milk tea flavored Kit-Kat
    Jemima Skelley

    And it's damn delicious.

    6. Now that we're caffeinated, we can move on to the beauty section. There's an entire wall of products, from serums and eye creams to mini sachets of foundation and lipstick.

    A huge range of single-use sachets of makeup and beauty products
    Reddit: slowermineral / Via

    It's terrible for the environment, but it's pretty amazing to see the whole range of stuff on offer.

    7. You could do a whole face of makeup just from these little sachets.

    Single-use packs of concealer, mascara and lipstick
    Jemima Sklley

    Who even needs Sephora when you've got 7-Eleven?

    8. There are also single-use packs of all different herbs and vitamins and health powders.

    A shelf of individually packed herb tablets and vitamins
    Jemima Skelley

    I can personally vouch for their electrolyte hangover tablets.

    9. Now let's head over to the snacks. Thai 7-Elevens have a great range of Japanese snack foods, which means a healthy selection of different Pocky flavors.

    Boxes of Japanese snack Pocky, in the flavors matcha, cookies & cream, and strawberry.
    Jemima Skelley

    It's probably a good idea to get one of each and try them all, in the name of science.

    10. One of the best parts of traveling is checking out all the different chip flavors in other countries, right?

    A whole wall of different flavored Lays chips

    And when I say they've got awesome flavors, I don't just mean salt and vinegar. I spotted sweet basil, curry pizza, salted egg, hot chili squid, nori seaweed, prawn salad, baked cheese with tamarind paste, blueberry yogurt, and ketchup.

    11. Plus they have these awesome corn snacks, which can be found in 7-Elevens across Asia. They taste kinda like cereal and come in chocolate or milk flavor.

    A packet of Chocolate Corn Snacks that are a small donut shape.
    Jemima Skelley

    Please do yourselves a favor and just try them — they're delish.

    12. Oh and speaking of corn, you can pick up a fully cooked corn on the cob.

    A shrink-wrapped corn on the cob hanging in the refrigerated section of 7-Eleven
    Jemima Skelley

    Great for a mid-afternoon snack on the go, I guess?

    13. Actually, their refrigerated food section is also pretty fantastic.

    A rack of pre-packaged toasted sandwiches filled with ham and cheese
    Jemima Skelley

    The 7-Eleven pre-packaged sandwich game is STRONG. The ham and cheese toasties are surprisingly fresh, and the egg sandwiches on white bread are way, way better than they sound.

    14. Look at this!

    A packet containing a banana cream chocolate cake flavored sandwich.
    Twitter: @residentfujoshi

    This legit tastes like an actual cake. You can use their sandwich warmers to make it all hot and gooey and delicious.

    15. If you're dubious about the sandwich situation, this garlic butter bread makes a perfect snack.

    A package with a photo of white bread covered in butter, garlic and herbs
    Jemima Skelley

    Toast it up in their microwave, and you're good to go!

    16. There's also a warmer filled with dumplings, pork buns, and meat skewers.

    A metal food warmer with a variety of snacks inside
    Jemima Skelley

    17. They've also got a ton of rice-based dishes like stir-fries and curries.

    A packaged microwaveable meal with a photo of rice and basil vegetarian stir-fry

    And there's a surprisingly diverse range of options for vegans — this is a stir fry with vegetarian soy protein. 7-Eleven in the US could never!!!

    18. Vegans are really covered in the snack section too.

    Jemima Skelley

    That salted dried mango is amazing. It's sweet and salty and spicy and a DREAM.

    19. And there's a pretty good range of plant-based desserts and drinks.

    A small carton of milk made from pistachios
    Jemima Skelley

    I didn't even know pistachio milk was a thing, but it was actually not bad.

    20. There's also a HUGE section of ramen and instant noodles.

    Three shelves full of instant noodle bowls
    Jemima Skelley

    And, of course, a hot water tap so you can make and enjoy them on the spot.

    21. Finally, for dessert there's some cool versions of familiar chocolate brands.

    A pack of Hershey's Nuggets in cookies and cream flavor
    Jemima Skelley

    These little cookie-filled nuggets are so much better than a normal Hershey's bar. Plus there are heaps of flavors of Oreos and Kit-Kats to discover as well.

    And best of all, some stores even have seating areas so you can sit and enjoy all your delicious purchases on the spot.

    Tina Fey in 30 rock saying "I want to go there"

    Who knew convenience-store food could be so good?!

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