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    Taylor Swift Fans Have Spotted Her In The Background Of The "Bad Liar" Video

    Or maybe we're just thirsty for any glimpse of Taylor we can get, you be the judge.

    ICYMI, today Selena Gomez released the video clip to her absolute A+ bop, "Bad Liar".

    #BadLiar music video is out by the way 😏

    It's... really something else. There is a lot to unpack in the video, but that's not what I'm here to talk to you about.

    So... what am I here to talk to you about? Well, I'm glad you asked. Just like most other moments in my life, I want to talk about Taylor Swift.


    Just after Selena's video dropped, some eagle-eyed fans spotted someone familiar in the background of her bedroom scene.

    Is my brain just playing games or is that Taylor Swift

    Wow... the blonde girl in that Charlies Angels poster looks mighty familiar. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot like Taylor Swift.

    Like, it really, really does look like her.

    Aaaaand this bespectacled poster girl also bears a strong resemblance to Taylor's opening costume for her 1989 World Tour.

    @Plaid_ShirtDays what bout the other poster

    OK so maybe this is just a giant stretch of the imagination, but Taylor Swift's been absent for MONTHS and us fans have nothing better to do with our time! But also it's definitely Taylor.

    Welcome to my life, sweaties.