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Here Are The First Rehearsal Photos Of The "Reputation" Tour

Ur so gorgeous.

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First of all, if you clicked this to hate on Taylor Swift, please leave now. It's 2018 and I'm not putting up with any nasty shit in the comments any more.

RIGHT let's begin.

RIGHT let's begin.

The Reputation World Tour is nearly upon us: opening night is in less than one month.

While fans are losing their minds, preparing their costumes, and predicting what's going to be on the setlist, we haven't actually heard much about what's going to happen.

We do know that the stage will probably look something like this, thanks to this replica sent as part of an invitation to VIPs.

It also has a stage and giant @taylorswift13 video message invitation!

I'm still waiting on mine in the mail but I'm sure it'll be here soon.

Today, we learned a little more about the Rep tour, when Taylor herself shared some incredible behind-the-scenes photos of her rehearsals.

"Say hi to the reputation Stadium Tour dancers!! Been spending my days rehearsing with these overwhelmingly talented people. 28 DAYS TIL GLENDALE AZ."

And just as we were all recovering from that, she uploaded a bunch more photos of herself and her dancers and singers.

Instagram: @taylorswift


She's captioned photos with lyrics from "Gorgeous", "I Did Something Bad", and "Dancing With Our Hands Tied", which makes her fans think those three songs will definitely be on the tour setlist.

Instagram: @taylorswift

Also not to alarm you but uhhhhh look at those BOOTS.

Tag yourself I'm Taylor wearing her own merch all the time and literally even having personalised earpieces.

Instagram: @taylorswift

Fans are obviously pretty damn excited.

We are so hyped up with these 8 pictures. Can't imagine what opening night will be like. I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW PICTURES, OUTFITS, SET LIST, AND HER SMILING TO A CROWD I AM SO FUCKIJG SOFT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT

We've only get 28 days left to wait to see what else Sweaty Swift has in store for us. 🙏❤️