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    17 Signs You're Definitely A Ravenclaw-Slytherin Hybrid

    “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dali

    1. You're kind of a skeptic, and won't take anything at face value.

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    2. Because you're constantly questioning everything you're told.

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    3. Some people think you're snobby, but you just value different character traits to most people.

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    4. You're intelligent and extremely logical...

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    5. ...and at the same time, you're big on planning and being tactical AF.

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    6. You won't let anyone stand in your way of your achievements.

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    7. Because not only are you ambitious, but you're also super competitive.

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    8. And you're simultaneously smart AND a smartass.

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    9. While you place a lot of importance on the knowledge found in books, you also know the value of learning by experience.

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    10. Because you're incredibly curious.

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    11. But everyone knows not to mess with you, because you never lose a fight.

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    Nailed that perfect mix of strategy and manipulation.

    12. You're all about rules and order...

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    13. ...but sometimes you can get really fed up and impatient with those constraints.

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    14. You're the person that your friends call when they need help to hide a dead body.

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    15. But you're also that friend who is always correcting people's grammar.

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    16. Sometimes it feels like your main character traits can be really conflicting.

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    17. But overall, you're just one sassy human, with the smarts to back it all up.

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