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    13 Beauty Brands That Really Care About The Environment

    Being eco-friendly is cool.

    1. Axiology

    2. Lush

    3. Ethique Beauty

    4. Vapour Beauty

    5. Kahina Giving Beauty

    6. Edible Beauty

    7. Clemence Organics

    8. L’Occitane

    9. Kjaer Weis

    10. Tata Harper

    11. Pangea Organics

    12. Noosa Basics Floss

    13. MAC Cosmetics


    There's an amazing recycling program where you can send in your old cosmetics packaging (for free), and they'll melt them down into new packaging. If you're in Australia, get info here. If you're in the US then click here, and if you're in the UK go here. Everyone else, search "terracycle" to see if there's a program in your country.