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    29 Memes For WLW That Don't All Reference U-Haul's

    We may not have a dedicated year-round safe space to party — but we've sure got the jokes!


    To all you bisexual women in relationships with men during mardi gras weekend, pls remember that you're just as queer as all those other bitches and you're welcome to prove it by making out with me.

    Twitter: @karaschlegl


    being gay is exhausting im tired of watching 6 seasons of a show for one lesbian kiss

    Twitter: @keshitposting




    for an impartial mardi gras host there needs to be one host wearing grey cargo shorts and a polo shirt, who looks really uncomfortable and keeps talking about their wife, and they cannot be a lesbian

    Twitter: @PatrickLenton


    to the girlies who grew up fixated on these specific characters, how is it being gay now?

    Twitter: @filmsbygays


    every time i go thrift shopping in newtown i have to do my affirmation that a hot mullet lesbian employee won’t convince me to buy a $40+ piece of clothing

    Twitter: @OVERCASTKlDS




    Just a reminder that they could’ve been our Australian Idol hosts

    Twitter: @SamLeightonDore


    how the fuck am i supposed to find a tv show that will make me feel as well represented as killing eve did. and i don't mean only as a lesbian, but also as a rude, selfish, obsessive, annoying, terrible human being

    Twitter: @tallulahsh4rk


    I cannot believe I failed to plan an outfit for one of the few weekends a year in which you can be half naked and extremely sexy in public without fear of criticism

    Twitter: @lavosaurus


    bi women be juggling 5 men but throwing up tryna ask a girl how her day was

    Twitter: @paigemc911


    Spending Mardi Gras as a true mentally ill bisexual (at home drinking CBD oil and watching Kim Cattrall scatting on repeat)

    Twitter: @figgled


    Penny Wong did the thing, Hannah Gadsby, my woman king

    Twitter: @samxmcgowan


    Some people think bisexuality is a 50/50 split between your attraction to men and women but for me it personally means I am resentfully attracted to men and terrified of women

    Twitter: @kendrawcandraw



    The best part about gay dating is that gay girls absolutely 100% want to hear how your cat is doing

    Twitter: @TrotGirlSummer


    Lydia Tár is not real but she did date Holland Taylor from 2003 to 2006.

    Twitter: @louisvirtel



    It's been like twelve years now and I'm still haunted by the straight lady who asked me "when lesbians have sex, how do they decide when they're done?"

    Twitter: @Rook_Stone


    unless you're wlw then it's sexy

    Twitter: @redbullbrat


    Me and my gf are out for dinner and have reached peak lesbian patter after the waitress asked if we were twins.

    Twitter: @pickle_bee


    every lesbian has had a major aubrey plaza phase. some of us are perhaps still in it

    Twitter: @uhhmmily


    did they just turn bisexual trauma into a COUCH

    Twitter: @DoSomeMolly


    so i made a tired lesbian flag because. yeah

    Twitter: @theybian


    I dated a girl in college whose mom tried to talk her out of being gay by telling her she'd have to go through life w/out someone to open jars for her. At the time it was upsetting but in hindsight I kind of love that jar opening was the only use for men she could think of.

    Twitter: @Gabrielle_Korn


    Liking girls is not my only personality trait! I am also anxious

    Twitter: @sadsapphicvibes

    29. And finally:

    because she is a lesbian

    Twitter: @sapphicpedretti