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Updated on 18 Nov 2018. Posted on 12 Nov 2018

14 Priceline Products That Real Women Use And Love

No more wandering the aisles hoping to find something good.

1. Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask, $3.99

Instagram: @makeup_by_lady_lioness / Via

"The first thing I love about these is the price. I love these pillows of self care, that have a small amount of hyaluronic acid in them which helps alleviate puffiness. They also apparently contain orange juice for reasons unknown, but it sounds delicious. I pop these in the fridge and whack them on for 15 minutes in the morning, or at night before bed. Did I mention they are super cheap? Hence why they are always low in stock, so I get some every week." – Jenna Clarke

2. NYX Vivid Brights Liner, $7


"These coloured eyeliners are literally a staple for me in summer. They add so much fun to a makeup look and are really easy to apply, not to mention how bright they are. I love how there are so many different colour options too, and they’re affordable!" – Sohan Judge

3. Vaseline Lip Therapy, $4.99


"I work in an air-conditioned office five days a week so my lips are always getting super dry. I’ve tried numerous lip balms but this Vaseline one has to be one of the best. It’s super nourishing and comes in tinted versions which add the cutest pop of colour to your lips." – Isha Bassi

4. Black Out Pore 3-Step Nose Strip, $24.99


"I love the feeling of being able to see my skin be cleaned and cleared out. There are three steps to this mask: the first is to prepare and moisturise the nose, then second is to pull and extract, and the third is to tighten the pores back up. It’s pretty pricey and can be a time consuming process that took me about 30-40 minutes, but it is such good “treat yourself” time and you feel so clean when you’re done." – Michelle Rennex

5. Natural Instinct Eye Creme, $11.99


"I have naturally puffy eyes, and always have dark circles. I feel like I've been looking for a good eye cream for literally ten years, and this is finally it. I actually could see a noticeable difference after using it for a week. My under-eye area is smoother and way softer, and I look a lot more awake than usual. Plus it's natural and free from all the gross chemicals I try not to put on my face." – Jemima Skelley

6. Cetaphil Body Cleanser, from $9.99


"I have suuuuuuper sensitive skin and find most body washes and soaps really irritate me. Cetaphil is the only thing I’ve come across that doesn’t cause a terrible reaction. The downside is it doesn’t get really sudsy or soapy, and I tend to use more of it than I would a regular body wash. But it’s so worth it because of how gentle it is on my skin. It works perfectly for both my face and body, which is a nice bonus. I’ve also used it as makeup remover!" – Jenna Guillaume

7. Sukin Coffee & Coconut Exfoliating Masque, $16.99


"I have used different products from the Sukin range for quite a while now. I love how affordable they are, but even better that they're all natural. This coffee mask doubles as an exfoliant - it always leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and smooth. I have really sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it like some masks tend to." – Zeta Morgan

8. Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $39.99


"I DEFINITELY did not think this would work. How can light get rid of pimples? Well, after only using it a couple of times my mind was completely changed. It's good at making big, sore pimples smaller overnight. I also had a red mark on my skin from a giant pimple I'd had two months ago that I couldn't even get rid of with microhydrabrasion. After about a week of using this light pen on it twice a day, it was way smaller and lighter. This pen is true magic." – Jemima Skelley


"I’ve been using this at-home hair dye for the last 10 months to keep my hair pink in between salon visits. It’s cheap and super easy to use, and comes up just like the box shows if you have bleached hair. I honestly saved so much money doing it myself. Just make sure you wear gloves because the dye can really turn your hands bright pink if you’re not careful!" – Michelle Rennex

10. Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, $13.17


"Funnily enough, this palette was an unwanted gift from my sister who had no need for it. I decided to try it out and was really surprised by the pigmentation of the shades. The metallic ones in particular are gorgeous and show up really well on my brown skin! It’s definitely one of the better low-cost palettes on the market." – Isha Bassi

11. Nivea Sun Uv Face Shine Control SPF 50, $12.99


"I love the idea of taking care of my skin but hate the feeling sunscreens normally give, especially on the face. I just got back from holidays in the US and I wore this face sunscreen under my makeup or on its own every day and it was amazing! Even though it’s 50 SPF, it's not shiny or sticky, and best of all, it doesn't feel thick or make me sweat." – Michelle Rennex

12. Witch Hazel Toner, $6.59


"This toner is the only thing that has helped my skin clear up and evened out the skin tone. Before I started using this, I would get so many whiteheads and my skin was patchy in different areas. Now I just use it once or twice a day...and when I forget to use it I start breaking out!" – Sohan Judge

13. Literally everything from The Ordinary, starting from $9.80

Twitter: @audreynatalia

"I have used rose hip oil as a moisturiser and cleanser almost exclusively for about five years now. This gem is quite inexpensive compared to others on the market ($18.99). It’s a heavier version as it’s 100% and has been cold-pressed so all of the good things haven’t been boiled out. Also, I’m now of an age where retinoids are a daily thing to slow down the clock. The Granactive Retinoid 2% ($17.90) is very gentle compared to others. It also has the Kim Kardashian tick of approval." – Jenna Clarke

14. Essence Clear Brow Gel, $4


"As someone with naturally thick brows, this brow gel has been a serious game changer for me! It helps keeps the hairs in place all day and is SO affordable. It also doesn’t make the hairs feel straw-like, which is something I’ve experienced while trying other brow gels." – Isha Bassi

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