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Here's What Happened When We Used A Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Apparently wonky eyeliner is about to be a thing of the past.

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Winged eyeliner is one of those things that you can either do really well...or you can't at all.

It's a skill to be mastered, but some of us just don't have the precision and steady hands needed to get the perfect cat eye.

So when we found this tool which promises a perfect wing every time, we knew we had to give it a crack.


We all have different levels of winged eye expertise: Michelle is really good at it, Jemima is alright but not great, while Isha is (self-admittedly) terrible.


One end of the pen has a wing stamp, while the other end is a liner to fill it in. The pack comes with two pens, one for the left eye and one for the right.


We tested it out by doing one eye with our normal liner, and one with the tool, so we could compare.




"I like the fact that there’s a stamp, as it’s a good way to make sure that both of your wings are equal in wing-y-ness. But it was quite tricky to figure out the placement, and I didn’t like that you can’t adjust the size of the wing itself.

For me, I don’t think this product works simply because I prefer a thinner wing and being able to control the placement and shape myself. But I do reckon this would be a great product for beginners."



"My winged eyeliner skills are nothing to brag about and I’ve been wanting to master the cat eye for a LONG TIME. This pen has a similar design to a felt tip liner, so it was easy enough for me to use. I thought I would mess up the stamping of the wing, but I nailed it on the first go! While it didn’t turn out perfectly, I think that was more due to me being super inexperienced. Plus, it looks a lot better than my first attempt using a regular liquid liner. This is so good for people like me who are total beginners with their liner."



"I love a winged eye. I usually do them pretty well, my only problem is being able to make the left match the right. That's the definite upside of this stamp, it makes it really easy. The first time I did it, I stamped too far from my eyeball, and the line looked bizarre and too long and skinny. When I did it again properly, it actually turned out super well! It's the exact type of wing that I like, and it suits my eye shape. It also has real staying power, even when I rubbed the wing by accident it stayed intact. I reckon this is perfect if you're not totally confident doing your wing on your own."

You can get the tool for small, medium and large size wings, depending on what vibe you're going for.


If you wanna try it out for yourself, you can get your own online or at Priceline for $35.

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