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I Tested Your Travel Hacks For Packing A Small Suitcase

Carry-on only is the way to go!

Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their tips on packing light. There were some great hacks in there so I decided to test some of them for myself.

1. Get a carry-on only sized bag.

2. Roll your clothes!

3. Invest in some solid toiletries.

4. Wear your biggest items on the plane.

5. Make a really good checklist.

6. Get some packing cubes.

7. Pack minimal clothing and just take laundry detergent.

8. Get some quick-dry underwear.

9. Only take a couple of outfits.

10. Use an app to style your outfits.

11. Check the weather and your itinerary!

12. Take a dirty laundry bag, even if it's just a big Ziploc bag.

13. Bonus! Every time I travel somewhere, I take a tube of Sorbolene.

Bon voyage!