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    23 Vegan Meals That Have No Business Calling Themselves Food

    Nothing like having plain pasta and some steamed broccoli for dinner.

    1. The "stuck at an airport with no options":

    2. The "there's nothing vegan on the menu":

    3. The "my friends chose the restaurant and I didn't check for a vegan option":

    4. The "gluten-free vegan at a breakfast buffet":

    5. The "only thing I can find that's open is a gas station":

    6. The "this is definitely the most unhealthy thing on the menu":

    7. The "I guess I'm having 20 avocado sushi rolls":

    8. The "a cheeseless pizza is better than no pizza":

    9. The "I'll just order some sides":

    10. The "surely there's something in this cafe I can eat":

    11. The "at least you tried to accomodate us":

    12. The "this sandwich shop has no meat-free protein options":

    13. The "of course the only vegan option is a portobello mushroom":

    14. The "hungover and craving McDonald's":

    15. The "this Thai place cooks all its stir fries in fish sauce":

    16. The "pub dinner in a small town":

    17. The "I'm the only vegan at this BBQ":

    18. The "did I just pay $18 for a plate of vegetables?":

    19. The "everyone assumes vegans love green shit":

    20. The "ham, cheese, and tomato toastie, hold the ham and cheese":

    21. The "I guess I'll just have a bowl of rice":

    22. The "I forgot to order a vegan meal on the plane so these pretzels are all I have for the next 12 hours":

    23. And the "why does everything at this buffet have butter added to it?":