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    20 Destinations To Travel To If You Want A Lit Instagram

    Now we can all be ~influencers~.

    They may try to deny it, but these days a lot of people choose their travel destinations based on what'll look good on Instagram. It's all about having an amazing time, but also making your friends back home kinda jealous. There are thousands of Insta accounts dedicated to these amazing pics, including @earth, which has over a million followers.

    Recently the @earth team pulled a bunch of data to find out the most hot and in demand travel spots, according to influencers and their followers. Here are the top 20 – whether you choose to travel to these places or to avoid them is up to you.

    1. Tulum, Mexico

    2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    3. The Islands of Greece

    4. Mexico City, Mexico

    5. The Maldives

    6. Algarve, Portugal

    7. Marrakech, Morocco

    8. Positano, Italy

    9. Cappadocia, Turkey

    10. Bali, Indonesia

    11. Oahu, Hawaii, USA

    12. Dubrovnik, Croatia

    13. Cape Town, South Africa

    14. Bora Bora

    15. Lisbon, Portugal

    16. Gold Coast, Australia

    17. Mallorca, Spain

    18. Istanbul, Turkey

    19. Phuket, Thailand

    20. Swiss Alps, Switzerland