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    People Think This Coles Sauce Tastes Exactly Like Big Mac Sauce So We Tried It Out

    Sounds fake but OK.

    Big Mac sauce is one of those delicious things that we all love, despite not really knowing what it is.

    But it's one of those things that you just can't replicate, or buy anywhere else. But that might all be about to change...

    This Coles burger sauce has been making waves in the last month, with a lot of people claiming that it's really similar to Maccas'.

    Hey @Coles please congratulate who ever is responsible for this!! It tastes EXACTLY like Macca's Big Mac Sauce... I…

    FYI the coles special burger sauce is EXACTLY THE SAME as Big Mac sauce.

    But Big Mac sauce is SO GOOD, how can it possibly be replicated? Well... we decided to put it to the test.

    First, we got a normal Big Mac and one with no sauce. After putting the Coles sauce on the second one, three of us in the office tried them out.

    THEN we decided to really put it to the test, and used it as a chip dip.

    So overall, it's a pretty close match.

    Enjoy your homemade Big Macs!