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    People Think This Coles Sauce Tastes Exactly Like Big Mac Sauce So We Tried It Out

    Sounds fake but OK.

    Big Mac sauce is one of those delicious things that we all love, despite not really knowing what it is.

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    Whether you get it as a side to have with chips or nuggs, or you just enjoy it in the burger, the sauce itself is potentially one of the best items on the menu.

    But it's one of those things that you just can't replicate, or buy anywhere else. But that might all be about to change...

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    This Coles burger sauce has been making waves in the last month, with a lot of people claiming that it's really similar to Maccas'.

    Hey @Coles please congratulate who ever is responsible for this!! It tastes EXACTLY like Macca's Big Mac Sauce... I…

    FYI the coles special burger sauce is EXACTLY THE SAME as Big Mac sauce.

    But Big Mac sauce is SO GOOD, how can it possibly be replicated? Well... we decided to put it to the test.


    First, we got a normal Big Mac and one with no sauce. After putting the Coles sauce on the second one, three of us in the office tried them out.


    And honestly, they tasted the same! The taste of the sauce gets lost in the flavour of the burger, so it's just like a normal Big Mac. The perfect sauce to add to your homemade burgers if plain ol' tomato doesn't do it for you.

    THEN we decided to really put it to the test, and used it as a chip dip.


    So here was where we were able to taste the difference.

    Michelle: I rarely ever order a Big Mac, and in the burgers, the two sauces tasted the same. But as a dipping sauce? The Coles one kinda tasted like the sauce you dip fresh prawns into, and I’m not really a fan of cocktail sauce chips.

    Jemima: On it's own, the sauce is delicious and very comparable to the real thing. But when you taste them one after the other, it's clear that the Big Mac sauce is superior. The Coles one is slightly tangier, and almost tastes close to tartare sauce. I would definitely buy this, would be great with oven chips or drunk potato gems.

    Isha: I’m not sure if it was because this was my first time trying Big Mac sauce, but I really couldn't taste a difference between the Coles brand and the original Macca's sauce. They both were tangy, creamy, and REALLY GODDAMN GOOD… so I’m happy with either tbh.

    So overall, it's a pretty close match.


    A Coles spokeswoman couldn't confirm whether the sauce was supposed to be a Big Mac copy, but told BuzzFeed "our Product Development Team worked on the sauce for 18 months" and is always "closely monitoring emerging food trends".

    Enjoy your homemade Big Macs!