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35 Life Experiences Every Lesbian Knows All Too Well

I still don't know what a "lesbian haircut" is.

1. You’ve definitely experienced the crippling disappointment that comes from having a crush on a straight girl.

2. At some point, someone has said to you, “You’re a lesbian? But you’re so pretty!”

3. If you’re femme, they’ll be like, “Wow! You don’t even have a lesbian haircut!”

4. And if you’re dating a girl who is also a femme, you have to deal with the whole “gal pal” misconception.

5. Sometimes you feel like there’s a very small supply of lesbians, to the point where every queer girl you meet has dated another girl you know.

6. And your Tinder has run out of fresh girls.

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7. You know the struggle that comes with trying to flirt with someone you're pretty sure is gay.

8. Because you want it to seem like you’re flirting, not just complimenting them in a normal, friendship sorta way.

9. So you’re like, “Should I act more ‘gay’ so they know?”, despite knowing that’s total bs.

10. And you’ve also faced the “Do I want to look like her or do I want to have sex with her?” dilemma.

It's cool that lesbian chic is in bc I can buy all these flannels, but now I can't tell if ya girl is gay or just trendy. It's anarchy.

11. You’ve had at least one girl say to you how easy dating other girls must be.

12. And you don’t even know where to begin with that one.

13. Though there are definitely upsides. Like doubling your wardrobe once you start dating a girl who’s the same size as you.

14. You have a LOT of things to say about lesbian representation in the media.

15. But when there IS a cute queer couple on TV, you become 100% obsessed.

16. That is, until one of them dies.

17. Which means there are a lot of TV character deaths you’ll never get over.

18. (Not including Jenny.)

19. Truly, there’s nothing worse than a guy trying to tell you he can “turn you straight”.

20. Or guys seeing you when you’re out with your girlfriend and offering their services for a threesome.

21. And then getting confused when you say no.

22. People seem to think that lesbian relationships are just all sex all the time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

23. Well…except for the first few months of the relationship.

24. You've also had to field some tricky questions about “logistics”.

25. And you’re perplexed at how difficult it is for straight people to understand the mechanics behind scissoring.

26. Also, there seems to be some kind of misconception that one of you has to be the “guy” in the relationship.

27. Seeing another lesbian out and about in public is SO EXCITING – it’s like when dogs meet other dogs on the street.

"I don't care that you're gay just don't be so in my face about it" Me:

28. If you’re single, your friends always try to match you up with any and every other lesbian they know.

29. You’ve been accused of trying to recruit straight girls to your team.

30. People assume that you must have been hurt by some guy, and therefore must hate all men.

31. And people also assume that you have seen every season of The L Word and love Tegan and Sara.

32. Which is probably true, but whatever.

33. You’ve gotten really used to always having short nails.

34. You always make fun of the whole U-Haul stereotype…

35. ...but you can’t deny there’s a little truth to it.