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18 Things To Do In North Western Australia You Can't Do Anywhere Else

It truly feels like being on another planet.

I think we can all agree that Western Australia is overall a pretty beautiful state. But too many people just stick to Perth, Rottnest Island, and the Margaret River wineries. If you venture further north, you'll find some amazing experiences that you just can't get anywhere else.

1. Marvel at Purnululu National Park.

2. Ride a camel at sunset.

3. Watch a film in an historic setting.

4. Say hi to some wild dolphins at Monkey Mia resort.

5. Or see these unique snubfin dolphins.

6. Cool off in deserted rock pools.

7. And catch the spray of a cascading waterfall.

8. Or see for yourself a rare horizontal waterfall.

9. Discover remote beaches that you'll have all to yourself.

Greg Sullavan / Getty Images

The WA coastline is dotted with seriously amazing, white sand beaches with water so clear you won’t believe it. Whether you stop at one to cool off on a road trip, or camp somewhere like Kooljaman, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the stunning coast.

10. Snorkel the drift at Ningaloo.

11. See paintings that are 60,000 years old.

12. Stargaze like you've never stargazed before.

13. Explore Knox Gorge.

14. Camp in The Kimberley.

15. See a naturally-occuring pink lake.

Mxw Stock / Getty Images

WA is home to a couple of pink lakes, tinted by bacteria caught in the water’s salt granules. This one in Kalbarri is slightly closer to Perth than the northern end of the state, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Whether you see it by land or air, you’re going to get some amazing views.

16. Be brave enough to try chilli beer.

17. Lose yourself in nature (not literally) at El Questro.

Taken By Dawn Beachy At Beachy P / Getty Images

El Questro is a HUGE homestead, spread out over 700,000 acres in the Kimberley. With gorges, mountains, mud and salt flats, thermal springs, and rock pools, you’ll truly never want to leave. You can take advantage of their luxurious accommodations or you can rough it in a tent, the choice is yours.

18. Hang out where red meets blue.

Rhys_palazzolo / Getty Images

The red coastlines of The Kimberley are like nowhere else on Earth. Deep red cliffs and sand merge with bright blue sky and perfectly-coloured water. It's like this all up and down the coast so make sure you take some time out to sit back and appreciate it.

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