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    Italy Has 20 Regions β€” Here's A Typical Dish From Each One

    Bury me in arancini, please.

    1. Abruzzo β€” pallotte cacio e ove (cheese and egg balls)

    2. Aosta Valley β€” fonduta alla valdostana (fondue)

    3. Basilicata β€” spezzatino di agnello (lamb stew)

    4. Calabria β€” bruschetta Calabrese (spicy bruschetta)

    5. Campania – pizza Margherita

    6. Emilia-Romagna β€” Bolognese

    7. Friuli Venezia Giulia β€” prosciutto di San Daniele

    8. Lazio β€” spaghetti carbonara

    9. Liguria β€” farinata (chickpea bread)

    10. Lombardy β€” risotto alla Milanese

    11. Le Marche β€” brodetto di pesce (fish soup)

    12. Molise β€” baccala arracanto (salt cod)

    13. Piedmont β€” bagna cauda (warm dip)

    14. Puglia β€” focaccia barese (focaccia from Bari)

    Fpwing / Getty Images

    The region that makes up the heel of Italy's boot shape has a lot of seafood, as you'd probably expect. While it's hard to beat eating fresh fish by the ocean, one of Puglia's most recognized dishes is their foccacia. The recipe varies slightly around the region (some areas use potato in their dough), but the topping is always the same: tomatoes and olives. A great snack on the go, you can eat it as is or stuffed with mortadella.

    15. Sardinia β€” culurgiones (giant ravioli)

    16. Sicily β€” arancini (risotto balls)

    Dvcdvd84 / Getty Images

    This iconic snack/appetizer has become world famous, probably because they're so damn good. Arancini are essentially just cheesy, fried balls of rice, sometimes with meat or spinach added in the middle. The typical ones you'll find in Sicily are huge, and a great option for lunch on the go.

    17. Tuscany β€” lampredotto (cow stomach)

    18. Trentino-Alto Adige β€” strudel di mele (apple strudel)

    19. Umbria β€” strangozzi al tartufo (truffle pasta)

    20. Veneto β€” risi e bisi (rice and peas)