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We Asked An Instagram Model To Share Their Secrets On Taking Good Photos

Shoot from below and you can't go wrong.

It's coming into summer, the season where you're always out and about, going to parties, chilling with your mates. Chances are, you're going to want to get a good pic or two while you're there to share on social media.


We chatted to travel blogger @jessie_khoo, who runs Fashion and Sounds, to get some tips on how to take the best photos possible.

If you want to get an outfit photo, let your clothes determine where you take it.


"If I’m wearing something really edgy, I would kind of go for a more street look, a more structured background," she said. If I was wearing something pretty, I would go to a park. You have to match your outfits to a location."

And figure out what you want to highlight.


"Think about what you’re trying to show off in your photo. Is it the words on the front of your jumper? Then take a front on shot. If you’re trying to show off your epic shoes, maybe take one side on."

Your pose should also be dictated by your outfit.


"If you’re wearing a girly outfit, you want to look playful and happy, you’re not going to sit with your legs spread. Similarly, if you’re wearing a power suit, you’re not going to be twirling around for your photo."

If you want to make your outfit the focus of the pic, choose to pose against a blank wall.


Always think about your lighting before you shoot anywhere.


"If I’m somewhere that the light isn’t super strong, I put my hand up to see where the light is hitting. Then shoot in the direction the light is coming from, so it's hitting your subject."

But also look at your subject through your phone, as it might look different.


"Right now, looking at each other, we can see dark shadows under our eyes and chins, so it’s not necessarily really flattering. However, when you look through the camera or the phone, it might not look that bad. So take the phone out and see how it actually looks."

If you want your Instagram grid to all have a certain aesthetic, keep that in mind before choosing where you take pics.

@jessie_khoo, @lisadanielle__

Find poses that work for you and make you feel comfortable.


"As the ~model~ you have to be comfortable in your pose - if you feel awkward, that’s going to translate into your face and people will be able to see it in the photo. You want it to look authentic, like you’re enjoying yourself.

"I know some girls like the moving photos, getting pics between poses. Some girls like walking photos, some like standing still. It’s up to you!"

Try shooting your pics from a lower angle.


"Shooting from underneath can make your legs look longer, while shooting from a higher angle can often make you look top heavy. Always be specific with your photographer."

Take heaps of photos, and surely one of them will be good.


"Take heaps of photos, and move around a lot. Move around as much as you can, get photos from the front, back and side. Get the person taking your photos to take as many as possible and then you have heaps to choose from."

If there are lots of things happening in the background, frame yourself up so you're kind of in the middle, and don't get lost in the elements.


"I hate when trees come out of my head, I feel like I have a tree hat. So put a little space between you and the trees, and frame up with other things in the shot."

Food flatlays can get a little boring.

@jessie_khoo, BuzzFeed

"They're cool when it’s really good looking food, like an acai bowl or fairy floss on your pancakes. If you want to make it more interesting, put yourself in the photo."

Here's to a summer of memories, but most of all, a lit Instagram feed.

Getty / BuzzFeed

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