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    17 European Hiking Trails With Views So Good They Look Fake

    Lace up your shoes — we're going walking.

    1. Jurassic Coast, England

    2. Valbona to Theth, Albania

    3. Glymur Waterfall, Iceland

    4. Segla, Norway

    5. Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

    6. Green Lake, Slovakia

    7. Rugova Canyon, Kosovo

    8. Magaro Peak, North Macedonia

    9. Mount Olympus, Greece

    10. Julian Alps, Slovenia

    11. Path of the Gods, Italy

    12. Srđ, Croatia

    13. Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

    14. Caminito del Rey, Spain

    15. Mestia to Ushguli, Georgia

    16. Eiger Trail, Switzerland

    17. 25 Fontes, Portugal

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