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    17 European Hiking Trails With Views So Good They Look Fake

    Lace up your shoes — we're going walking.

    1. Jurassic Coast, England

    2. Valbona to Theth, Albania

    3. Glymur Waterfall, Iceland

    4. Segla, Norway

    5. Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

    Kisa_markiza / Getty Images

    This trail, two hours outside of Sofia, starts off with a chairlift ride up into the mountains. From here, you walk a path that winds through green grass and over hills past seven different lakes. At the end, you can gaze back and see them all from one viewpoint. It's stunning in the middle of summer, but it's also pretty spectacular in winter when everything's covered with snow.

    6. Green Lake, Slovakia

    7. Rugova Canyon, Kosovo

    8. Magaro Peak, North Macedonia

    9. Mount Olympus, Greece

    Dinosmichail / Getty Images

    Step back in time and walk in the footsteps of ancient Greeks while climbing Mount Olympus. According to Greek mythology, the mountaintop was the home of Zeus, while other gods all lived in the foothills. You can do this peak in a one-day hike that could take about 12 hours, or you can take it easy and stay in a refuge near the summit before returning down the next day.

    10. Julian Alps, Slovenia

    11. Path of the Gods, Italy

    12. Srđ, Croatia

    Luke Richardson / Getty Images

    Dubrovnik is a beautiful old town on the south coast of Croatia. Thanks to Game of Thrones, it has absolutely boomed as a tourist destination and can get super busy, especially in summer. Escape the crowds for an afternoon by hiking up Srđ, the huge hill overlooking the city. There’s sometimes a cable car in operation, but the views are always better when you earn them with a sweaty hike. It’s a great way to see the walled city and the stunning beaches surrounding it.

    13. Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

    14. Caminito del Rey, Spain

    15. Mestia to Ushguli, Georgia

    16. Eiger Trail, Switzerland

    17. 25 Fontes, Portugal

    Dennisvdw / Getty Images, Nicolasboivin / Getty Images

    Madeira, an archipelago off the west coast of Portugal, is seriously beautiful. This seven-mile hike through the wilderness is the perfect way to discover that for yourself. The trail winds past 25 waterfalls — some big, some little. If it's warm enough, take a dip in the lagoon to cool off, then have a picnic lunch at the base of one of the falls.

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