31 Genius Harry Potter Details You Totally Missed If You Only Watched The Movies

    Books >>>>>> movies forever and always.

    Movie adaptations of books are notoriously less than satisfactory. And Harry Potter is no exception. While the eight films are certainly wonderful and magical and perfectly acceptable, a LOT of content never made it into the script. Which means that if you've only ever seen the films and never read the books... you missed out on a ton of side plots. Some of which were actually super important.

    1. Ginny actually has a personality.

    Young Ginny Weasley standing in a kitchen looking shocked

    2. Harry was the one who funded Fred and George's joke business.

    A shot of Fred and George's joke shop, the exterior painted purple with a model of a man taking his hat off

    3. The Marauders' Map was created by Harry's dad, along with his friends Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew.

    4. Dumbledore sent the Dursleys a Howler when they were thinking of kicking Harry out after the Dementor incident.

    5. Hermione's S.P.E.W. club.

    Dobby the house elf clicking his fingers, with sparks coming out

    6. Ron and Hermione were prefects.

    Ron and Hermione standing in the Hogwarts courtyard, looking angry

    7. Harry randomly finds — and dismisses — two Horcruxes before he even knows what they are.

    A silver tiara decorated with diamonds and blue gemstones, with an eagle design

    8. Muggles can't see Hogwarts.

    An exterior shot of the grand castle of Hogwarts

    9. And electronic devices don't work there.

    10. Muggle Studies is a subject that is taught at Hogwarts.

    11. Snape can kinda read minds.

    Snape in a dungeon, surrounded by glass bottles, pointing his wand at someone off camera

    12. Fred and George were the ones who gave Malfoy the idea to smuggle Death Eaters into Hogwarts.

    A closeup of Draco Malfoy looking pale and somber

    13. And in fact, the whole reason this cabinet was broken was because of Harry.

    14. Percy fully turned his back on the whole Weasley family.

    Percy holding Harry Potter and Cho Chang by the backs of their necks, looking mad

    15. But his redemption came during the Battle of Hogwarts, literally seconds before Fred died.

    16. Nearly Headless Nick had a Deathday party that was just full of ghosts.

    A moustachioed ghost who's head is almost severed, hanging to the side off his body

    17. Filch and Mrs. Figg are "Squibs" — people who are born into Wizarding families but don't have magical abilities.

    A closeup of a ratty-looking Argus Filch

    18. Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle, is a half-blood.

    A young Tom Riddle in a dark room with black tiles, in front of a desk

    19. Snape is also a half-blood.

    Snape standing in front of Hagrid's Hut, which is on fire, casting a spell

    20. Rita Skeeter is an Animagus, meaning she could turn into a beetle whenever she wanted.

    Cedric Diggory looking blank while Rita Skeeter stands next to him looking eager

    21. When Fred and George left school in defiance of Umbridge, they turned a corridor of Hogwarts into a swamp.

    22. The Sorting Hat sings a new song every year before the Sorting Ceremony.

    Harry Potter, in his first year, wearing a pointy black hat in the Hogwarts great hall

    23. When boys try to enter the girls' dormitory, the entry stairs turn into a slide and whoosh them back down.

    24. Harry has a terrible date with Cho at a teashop in Hogsmeade that ends with her leaving in tears because Harry mentioned he was meeting Hermione later.

    Cho Chang smiling at someone off-scren, while there's snow on the mountains behind her

    25. Trelawney is low-key an alcoholic.

    26. Harry and Ginny broke up at the end of sixth book, just after Dumbledore's funeral.

    27. Hagrid's motorbike once belonged to Sirius Black.

    Hagrid on a big motorbike that's as giant as he is

    28. Neville could have been The Chosen One, instead of Harry.

    A young Neville Longbottom holding a glass orb filled with red smoke, looking very unsure

    29. Voldemort, when he was still Tom Riddle, desperately wanted to be the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts.

    30. Aunt Petunia was in contact with Dumbledore when she was a kid.

    31. Hermione and Ron's first kiss is actually in front of Harry.

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