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27 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

Who doesn't want super-soft cookies and perfectly-reheated pizza?

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2. You should eat your burger upside down to help keep it all together.

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Usually the top bun is thicker than the bottom one, meaning it'll absorb more burger juice and get a lot less soggy. Upside-down burgers have a lot more structural integrity.

4. Chinese takeaway containers unfold into plates.

Fun fact: Chinese take-out boxes unfold into plates

Just take off the metal handle.


9. Fill leftover Sriracha bottles with oil. Not only will it enhance the flavour of everything you cook, but it's also a much better bottle for portion control than most oil bottles.

My wife almost threw out the nearly empty bottle before I could make Sriracha oil. #closecall

11. Use an egg slicer to cut whole mushrooms.

12. Store natural peanut butter upside down.


If your PB is made from 100% peanuts and has no added shit, then the natural oils will probably separate and settle on top while it's sitting in your cupboard. If you store the jar upside down, when you flip it over the oils will seep nicely through the butter, making it a lot easier to spoon out and spread. It'll also stop you from having really dry PB for the last third of the jar.


26. Use a teaspoon to peel ginger without losing half of it.

Easiest way to peel #ginger is a teaspoon, and you can use the skin for a ginger tea. #cookingtip 😃

27. If you want to stop a sliced apple from browning before you eat it, slice it up, put it back together, and use a rubber band to hold it all in place.

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