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Sister2Sister Are Currently Touring As Delta Goodrem's Backup Singers

Yeah, really.

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In case you didn't know, Delta Goodrem is currently touring Australia, and it's a goddamn amazing show.

Heavy breakdown 😭🙌 #WingsOfTheWildTour @DeltaGoodrem

She's got a band and everything.

And she's got backup vocalists, who you might actually recognise.

Instagram: @deltagoodrem

Yep. That's late-'90s band Sister2Sister, who you may remember sang "What's A Girl To Do" and "Sister".



The three of them have actually been singing together for ages. Sharon and Christine were also the backup singers on Delta's 2009 tour.

Instagram: @deltagoodrem

The more you know.

Put your brave face on @DeltaGoodrem #WingsOfTheWildTour

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