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Literally Just 33 Hilarious Cooking Fails From 2016

Guys. How did you manage to burn pasta?

1. This Spongebob cake that will haunt my dreams until the end of time.

Reddit: lolpancakeslol / Via

2. And this cake, which was meant to be a dog, apparently.

3. These homemade falafels, which just look falawful.

Instagram: @nataliefruciano / Via

4. This toastie fail, which truly should not have happened.

Instagram: @fitalexy / Via Instagram: @fitalexy

5. These chips and nuggets, which haven't been edited to be black and white.

Instagram: @ihatechairs / Via

6. This grey chicken supreme.

Instagram: @wifeytobe_dietdiary / Via

7. This pizza that would really have benefited from a tray.

Instagram: @fd1983 / Via

8. And this attempt at using a pizza stone, which didn't really work out.

Instagram: @lexiehopkins / Via

9. This experiment that was aiming for M&M hot chocolate but fell far from the target.

Reddit: neo_is_the_one / Via

10. These Christmas cookies, which really are something else.

Reddit: Bryryeguy / Via

11. This attempt at spaghetti, which looks like some kind of modern art.

Instagram: @uplejs / Via

12. And this...gingerbread?

Instagram: @bgroves11 / Via

13. This sauce that thickened up a little too much.

Instagram: @treadingbrightly / Via

14. These seasonal baked apples that were a little too baked.

Instagram: @abbi_rose246 / Via

15. And this exploded spaghetti squash.

Instagram: @amaling04 / Via

16. These PANCAKES.

Instagram: @jodisox / Via

17. And these ones, which really could have used some flour or sugar.

Instagram: @karen131 / Via

18. This burnt PASTA.

Instagram: @samalli1 / Via

19. This pasta pancake.

20. And these burnt eggs, which are almost impressive.

Instagram: @courtneylynnwalton / Via

21. These clean-eating zucchini chips.

Instagram: @shopdanal / Via

22. This mug cake, which now looks like a shit waterfall.

Instagram: @charblairnvp / Via

23. This low-fuss cheese on toast.

Instagram: @sw_hoolerruler / Via

24. These unappealing pot noodles.

Instagram: @xue_ying_liu / Via

25. This inappropriate use of plastic.

26. These nuggets, which have seen better days.


27. This classic flaming pasta fail.

Instagram: @chloem86 / Via

28. This cake, which belongs to someone who knows hindsight is 20:20.

Reddit: MyLoveBox / Via

29. These poor, sad penguins.

Instagram: @samandy_25 / Via

30. This gingerbread house that looks more like an abandoned house that's survived several fires.

Instagram: @maisonmess / Via

31. This spanakopita, which looks like a portal to the underworld.

Instagram: @mssheenae / Via

32. This loaf of homemade bread.

Instagram: @kristawalshauthor / Via

33. And this vegan cauliflower pizza, which has to be eaten with a fork.

Instagram: @ruby_tesla / Via