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    Some People Want Casey Donovan To Be The Next Bachelorette And I Fully Support This Idea

    Let's get a bachelorette with some PERSONALITY.

    You know Casey Donovan, Australia's reality QUEEN and peanut M&M connoisseur.

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    She won Australian Idol in 2004 when she was just 16, and also was the winner of last year's season of I'm A Celebrity.

    Patrick Riviere / Getty Images, Ten

    Well... maybe it's time to add Bachelorette to her list of reality crowns?

    Chris Hyde / Getty Images

    It makes sense, right?

    Last week, in an interview with Ten Daily, Casey revealed that she'd love to be the next Bachelorette.

    Honestly, it would be great. And quite a few people seem to agree.

    Oh my gosh, this MUST happen and I HAVE to be a candidate 😍

    Honestly we don't deserve #Casey4Bachelorette but I hope we get it anyway because I sure as hell need it

    She’s been serving looks for years and nobody noticed, but she’s ready to wow the country & find love #casey4bachelorette

    This year's title of Bachelorette has already been give to Ali Oetjen, who was on the first season of The Bachelor.

    Channel 10

    We might have to wait 'til next year to find out about Casey but tbh, it sounds like it would be one hell of a season.

    Channel 10

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