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24 Bookshelves That Will Mildly Arouse Any Book Lover

Bookshelf + fairy lights = perfection.

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2. For some, it's the most important thing in the house.

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4. Though small ones can look just as good.

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5. Whether it's organised by colour...

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7. ...or just however the hell you want...

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9. A bookshelf can tell you a lot about its owner.

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10. Especially if it's decorated with trinkets.

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11. Something about a well-ordered bookshelf is just so calming.

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12. And it just fills you with the desire to read all day long.

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13. Especially if you have a particularly cozy place to sit.

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15. This looks like it's straight off a Pinterest board.

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16. Brb going home to re-order my whole house.

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18. And how long did this take to perfect?

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20. Fairy lights always manage to make everything look whimsical.

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23. ...and however you choose to decorate your house...

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24. can't go wrong with a well-stocked bookshelf.

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