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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Fucking Love Peanut Butter

"It's healthy," you whisper to yourself while spreading peanut butter on Oreos.

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1. You know peanut butter is the most goddamn versatile food in existence.

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2. You can have it with sweet foods...

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3. ...or you can have it savoury.

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4. You can eat it as a snack...

Instagram: @purdeyhj / Via

5. ...use it in recipes...

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6. ...or just spoon it straight from the jar.

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7. You've definitely experimented with unconventional peanut butter pairings.

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8. And whether it's from the supermarket or organic and freshly pressed, it'll always taste goddamn delish.

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9. It's also the perfect flavour addition to pretty much every other food out there.

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11. You feel a deep connection with this dog who just tried PB for the first time.

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12. Thinking about people with a peanut allergy fills you with sadness.

13. To you, this photo is probably what heaven looks like.

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14. And this is your worst nightmare.

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15. Though you usually always have backups.

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16. And besides, near-empty jars are perfect for filling with ice cream or overnight oats.

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17. You've tried tons of different flavour variations.

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18. But honestly, original is always the best.

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