Strange And Awesome McDonalds Menu Items From Around The World

With restaurants in 119 countries, there are bound to be some wacky menu items you’ve never heard of. Some of them even sound pretty good…

1. Macaroni, shrimp and white sauce burger

The Gracoro burger from Japan features a patty of macaroni, shrimp and white sauce with a breadcrumb crust.

2. Chicken SingaPorridge

Available in some Asian countries (namely Singapore), this is essentially a moist cup of rice with chicken, onions, chili and ginger

3. McAloo Tikki

Sold in India

4. Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets

From Italy. Their menu also includes Brie nuggets, and a snack-sized block of Parmesan cheese. Yes please.

5. Green Apple Soft Serve

Sold in Malaysia. Other flavours include mocha, strawberry & chocolate.

6. Bacon Potato Pie

Like the apple pie we know and love.. but with bacon and potato.

7. Cheese sticks with jam

McDonalds Austria have breaded Emmentaler sticks with Lingonberry jam. Fancy.

8. McPinto Deluxe

The national dish of Costa Rica. This breakfast meal consists of seasoned rice and black beans served with scrambled eggs, sour cream and plaintains.

9. McBeer

Yes, some European countries (France and Germany) serve beer at McDonalds. Right on.

10. Spam, Spam and more Spam!

McDonalds Hawaii

11. Mashed Potato Burger

From China. Serve with fries for a carb overload.

12. Turkish breakfast meal

English muffin and omelette… pretty standard. But tomato? Cucumber? Feta and Olives?

13. McKroket

From the Netherlands- a deep fried pie filled with beef stew, put in a burger and topped with a creamy sauce.

14. McCurry Pan

A rectangular ‘dish’ of dough filled with chicken, curry sauce and vegetables. Served in India.

15. McPoutine

Only found in Quebec, this dish is fries, covered in cheese curd and gravy.

16. McLobster Roll

From Canada- lobster, celery, lettuce and mayo.

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