Why British People Can’t Do Summer

All in all, it’s probably the worst time of the year for us. Read more at: www.jellymalin.wordpress.com

1. We’ve got no clue how to use sun protection.

Like, literally none.

2. And we look bloody terrible on the beach.

3. We still haven’t figured out how to do ‘festival cool’

4. And we do terribly cruel things to the heads of our young.

5. In fact, to our heads generally.

6. We make terrible holiday decisions.

Places where the worst kind of humans surface.

Truly, the worst.

7. We have to witness celebrity cretins in their bikinis.

8. And we spend all year waiting for sun, and then we get too pissed to see it.

I mean, really.

9. And before you know it…

10. Maybe next year?

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