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Meet Christopher Mason, Selena's Co-Star From "Hands To Myself"

He's all you'll want for Christmas.

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You've probably already watched Selena Gomez's steamy "Hands To Myself" Video


If you haven't go do yourself a favor and watch it now.

The 5'11'' eye candy in it is Christopher Mason, a part-time LA based model and full-time GORGEOUS BLONDE GOD.

Just look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

Instagram: @christophermason_ / Via

That face. Those biceps.


Instagram: @christophermason_ / Via

Someone call 911.

All I want for Christmas this year.

Instagram: @christophermason_ / Via

Him and a dog. Take notes Santa.

You don't even need to nicely wrap him. Just deliver him to my front door please.

Instagram: @christophermason_ / Via

I've been a nice girl this year, I promise.

I don't even care that his hair is prettier than mine.

Instagram: @christophermason_ / Via

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