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10 Hilarious Cat Instagram Accounts To Follow

Because cats have all the power.

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1. @catsinbidets

Instagram: @catsinbidets / Via

You ask yourself "why", but you should really ask yourself "why not".

Because when you think about it, it does seem quite comfy.

Instagram: @catsinbidets / Via

2. @catsonamps

Instagram: @catsonamps / Via

again, why the fuck not?

I mean, who doesn't like a little tongue action.

Instagram: @catswiththeirtonguesout / Via

4. @catswiththeirmouthsopen

Instagram: @catswiththeirmouthsopen / Via

Yes, that's a thing too.

Because lets face it, it doesn't get better than CATS AND BOOKS.

Instagram: @catbookclub / Via


Instagram: @cats_with_ties / Via


And box life is even better with friends.

Instagram: @_catsinboxes_ / Via

If this isn't giving you life, are you even human?

Instagram: @bodegacatsofinstagram / Via

Because the only thing better than a cat

Instagram: @catsontap / Via

There, that was the daily cat awesomeness you need! Now go on and continue staking their Instagrams.

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