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31 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up The Struggle Of Writing Motivational Letters

"What is your biggest achievement?"

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I can do this. I can write this shit. I am probably the best candidate anyways.

Warner Bros. / Via

*looks at the questions that should be addressed in the letter*

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

Do they think I have my life figured out?

Logo / Via

Why are you interested in the position? What is your biggest achievement thus far? How do you meet the position requirements? Why are you applying? What is the Queen's favorite color? Why does the Earth orbit the Sun?

TLC / Via

*leaves to order pizza*

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

There's still some time till the deadline anyways.

Lifetime / Via

*comes back later to try again*

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

*looks at questions again*

Fox / Via

*leaves again*

NBC / Via

*examines pores on nose*

Paramount Pictures / Via

*realizes the deadline is approaching*

*gives myself a pep talk*

Lionsgate / Via

Yes, I'm smart I can do this.

We the Best Music Group/RED Distribution / Via

There's worse struggles out there.

20th Century Fox / Via

*takes a deep breath*

Paramount Pictures / Via


*stares at blank paper*

Columbia Pictures / Via


ABC Family / Via

I don't think I'm capable of doing this.

E! / Via

*deadline is almost there so starts typing*

Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros.
Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros.

*gets a sudden wave of inspiration*

NBC / Via

*starts frantically typing*

Universal Pictures/Buena Vista International / Via

*can't stop typing*

RCA Records / Via

*finally finishes*

CBS / Via

*looks at the finished product*

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

I can't believe I actually did it!

CBS / Via


The CW / Via

*hurries to send it before deadline expires*

ABC / Via

*takes another look at the letter*

Fox / Via

*realizes I haven't signed the letter*

Columbia Pictures / Via

*cries myself to sleep*

Fox / Via

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