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26 Donald Trump GIFs Perfect For Everyday Situations

"Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich."

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1. When mom tells you to clean your room.

2. When someone unwanted is hitting on you and offers to buy you a drink.

3. When the math teacher asks if everyone understood.

4. When you find Nutella in the pantry.

5. When someone literally just repeats what you said.

6. When you're attending your first rave.

7. When someone has their head up in the clouds.


8. When your parents want to have ~the talk~.

9. When you're thinking about where your life started to go downhill.

10. When your favorite movie is leaving Netflix.

11. When someone calls you out for procrastinating.

12. When it's Halloween and you need time to make a costume but you're stuck at work.

13. When you borrow someone a pencil and never get it back.

14. When you wake up and remember it's Saturday.

15. When mom wants to add you on Snapchat.

16. When you have your friends back.

17. When it's almost the end of the semester and you feel like you're drowning.

18. When someone asks you to explain politics.

19. When you about to swear but then you see your teacher.

20. When you accidentally end up at a quantum physics class.

21. When you're trying to make your ex jealous.

22. When you're forced to take your hat off but you didn't style your hair.

23. When bae makes you watch a movie you don't like.

24. When family members brag about their kids at family gatherings.

25. When you're not really sure how belts work.

26. When someone says they're voting for Trump.

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