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    Posted on Feb 1, 2016

    20 Things That Happen When You're Out With The Squad

    A squad that drinks together stays together.

    1. When you're texting your squad about the plans and someone else says they wanna come.

    2. When you want to wear a dress but haven't shaved in months.

    3. When you rush to get ready but the squad isn't on time.

    4. So you just sit there sending them all kinds of Snapchat selfies.

    5. Or when they're too fucking early.

    6. When you all coordinate outfits without even planning because you're all so darn awesome.

    7. When you enter the club and everyone looks at you.

    8. When you're taking a photo of your squad while you all still look put together.

    9. But then realize you want to be in it too, so y'all go find a bathroom mirror.

    10. When a squad member says they're not going to drink tonight.

    11. And then there's always that one person who passes out after two drinks.

    12. When your other friends are worried that you'll be the next one to pass out so they tell you to slow down.

    13. When you feel like it's your job to keep the whole squad together.

    14. When it hits you that you've had too much to drink.

    15. And then it really hits you.

    16. When the squad is ready to go home.

    17. When you all wake up hungover.

    18. And then you all start recapping last night.

    19. So you find out you were the one throwing up and everyone is making fun of you.

    20. But you forgive them because you're just really happy that you found a bunch of people as awesome as you are.

    Cheers to that!

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