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20 Penguin GIFs To Put A Smile On Your Face

Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

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1. This happy bunch singing "Heigh-Ho".

2. This clumsy penguin that prays no one noticed.

3. This little fella that was told to go rock climbing.

4. It would be fun they said.

5. And this one that just gave up on everything.

6. This outcast that decided to freakin' RUN THE SHOW.

7. This penguin that just wanted his fish was that too much to ask for?

8. This squad that can take on Taylor Swift's squad any day.

9. This one that was thinking of his problems and fell into one.

10. This one who may or may not have had a bit too much to drink.

11. And this one that was personally victimized by a Regina George penguin.

12. This one that had a really great idea.

13. This one that just wished he could Uber everywhere.

14. This one that found the best mode of transportation.

15. And this one that doesn't wanna get his feet wet.

16. This one that lost it for a second there.

17. This one that just wanted his 5 minutes in the spotlight.

18. This one that was thinking about life when life slapped him in his face.

19. This one that wants to fly so bad.

20. And this bundle of cuteness overload.

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