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    19 Nancy Downs GIFs For When You Feel Like A Real ~Witch~

    Can you believe The Craft is turning 20 this year?

    1. When someone gives you an obvious side eye.

    2. When someone tells you there's no chance you'll ever get fit if you continue buying Nutella.

    3. When you manage to find the cutie from last night on Facebook.

    4. When you're asked if you're going to the Beyoncé concert but you're broke.

    5. When someone discovers a song you've been listening to for months.

    6. When your family judges you for spending too much time online.

    7. When you invite someone over but your dog barks at them.

    8. When you're being told you'll never find a serious relationship through Tinder.

    9. When you see someone subtweeting you.

    10. When you're stuck babysitting and there's no Wi-Fi.

    11. When you think your ex is obsessed with you, but your friends think it's the other way around.

    12. When someone thinks your story about meeting Chris Hemsworth is fake.

    13. When another one of your Facebook friends announces an engagement.

    14. When your best friend doesn't like your Instagram post right away.

    15. When you're waiting in line for your food.

    16. When you're trying to shake off the fake friends.

    17. When you're about to take a test and someone asks you how you are and you've been up all night studying.

    18. When someone makes a fool out of themselves and this time it's not you.

    19. And when someone is just in general a hater.