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15 Of The Best Responses The Internet Had To The "Damn, Daniel" Meme

Damn, Team Internet! Back at it again with the killer responses!

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By now you must have seen the "Damn Daniel" video that went viral and took over the internet by storm. Honestly, there's no way of escaping it anymore.

Via Twitter: @josholzz

Of course the internet, being the wonderfully weird place that it is, took the meme to a whole new level with a bunch of awesome/creepy responses. Here are some of the best!

1. The literal one

Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white vans

2. The imitation

3. The meme mashup

Two memes for the price of one ... brought to you by vine

4. The shade throwing

forget yeezys I'm copping me some damn daniels

5. The first words

Baby: "da...da..d" Father: "he's going to to say dad everyone hush!" Baby: "da.. DAMN DANIEL BACK AT IT WITH THE WHITE VANS"

Via Twitter: @TheTumblrPosts

6. The grandma

7. The starter pack

8. The other Daniel

Damn, Daniel. Back at it again with the white Vans

9. The tattoo

10. This guessing game

Via Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr

11. The Jason

12. The Craig

#DamnDaniel... Craig.

14. The album

track listing: 1. damn 2. daniel 3. sick white vans 4. interlude 5. back at it again 6. stussy man

15. And the song / Via

Damn, Internet

The CW / Via

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