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    17 "Saved By The Bell" Characters You Need To Be Reminded Of Immediately

    Enjoy the memories of these timeless but oft-forgotten characters from one of the greatest TV shows of all time. It's very important.

    17. Tori Scott


    Tori was a badass. This was apparent by the leather jacket she wore indoors at all times. She was also sort of a main character for 10 minutes.

    16. Charlie "Crater Face" Coburn

    Via Twitter: @samir

    If your nickname at your high school is directly related to your acne, you might as well own it.

    15. Mr. Dewey


    John Clayton from ESPN? Anyone?

    14. Nurse Jennifer


    She also says no to drug abuse.

    13. Mr. Tuttle


    He taught Driver's Ed with a golf cart.

    12. Kristy Barnes


    She took care of business against mean dudes from Valley High, for Zack. Baller.

    11. Ox


    Not to be confused with Moose, another man-child named after a large animal at school.

    10. Rod Belding


    These kids didn't stand a chance, he was just SO COOL. Bonus points for being the principal's brother, and rafting in a gym.

    9. J.B. Slater


    Albert Clifford's sister. Appears out of thin air, dates Zack, disappears again forever.

    8. Marvin Nedick


    Valley High. Enough said.

    7. Rhonda Robistelli


    The tomboy of Bayside. You know this because of the letter jacket and hat.

    6. Violet Ann Bickerstaff


    She called him "Samuel."

    5. Eric Tramer


    "Hey, what's up guys? I'm Jessie's stepbrother from New York. I am randomly in California and going to your school now. I'm supposed to be no older than 18."

    4. Kevin the Robot


    What a great friend.

    3. Louise


    This is Louise. She wore those glasses and carried around some variation of a keytar? Is that a keytar?

    2. Becky the Duck


    Touching all of our hearts, covered in oil. Nailed it.

    1. Jim Harbaugh


    This is actually from the New Class but it can't be ignored. Jim Harbaugh played himself, and Screech's cousin. And Screech wore his football uniform. This happened.

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