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    17 "Saved By The Bell" Characters You Need To Be Reminded Of Immediately

    Enjoy the memories of these timeless but oft-forgotten characters from one of the greatest TV shows of all time. It's very important.

    17. Tori Scott

    16. Charlie "Crater Face" Coburn

    15. Mr. Dewey

    14. Nurse Jennifer

    13. Mr. Tuttle

    12. Kristy Barnes

    11. Ox

    10. Rod Belding

    9. J.B. Slater

    8. Marvin Nedick

    7. Rhonda Robistelli

    6. Violet Ann Bickerstaff

    5. Eric Tramer

    4. Kevin the Robot

    3. Louise

    2. Becky the Duck

    1. Jim Harbaugh