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15 Bizarre Situations Involving Athletes Being Really Bizarre

Athletes, former and current: a list to commemorate just a snapshot of some of the ridiculousness. You just can't make this stuff up.

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3. Tyler Patrick Thomas and the naked three-point stance


This guy. Found completely naked in a stranger's home, he did what any O-Lineman would do - he got into a text book, naked three-point stance and charged police officers. The stun guns in Corvallis, OR were not impressed.

7. Andre Agassi loses Grand Slam match because he was too worried about his hairpiece falling out


No, seriously. He said he lost the French Open in 1990 because he couldn't take his mind off his wig, and was consumed with the fear of it falling out during the match. So yeah, that's a wig.

Oh, and he also played tennis in jorts sometimes.

8. Michael Vick is....Ron Mexico


Better known for dog-fighting, lesser known for using the name Ron Mexico in order to get tested for herpes, receive treatment for herpes, and occasionally just straight up tell women that was his name...and giving them herpes.

10. Randall Simon swings at the sausage


For whatever reason, Randall Simon, a human adult baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates - thought it was a good idea to swing his bat and take out the sausage during a Milwaukee Brewers game's sausage race.

12. Dion Rayford and his Chalupa problems


Kansas football player, Dion Rayford, really wanted a Chalupa at 2 AM, but Taco Bell left this off his order. So he did what most people would do, he attempted to climb through the drive thru window and got stuck. We just hit the 14 year anniversary of this bonkers situation.

13. Stephen Ireland lies about multiple grandmothers' deaths to get out of a soccer match


This guy really didn't want to play soccer for Manchester United. First it was the maternal grandmother that proved to actually be alive, then when the story changed to the paternal grandmother, well, she was alive, too. Then it was an ex-partner of a grandfather. ALL LIES.

15. Rosie Ruiz is really good at cheating, but not that good


She temporarily won the 1980 Boston running only the last mile of the race. AND she qualified for that Boston Marathon by pulling the same move at the New York Marathon. OK, so maybe she isn't actually an athlete, but ain't nobody got time for a 26.2 mile race!

Shout out to Christo and Tom as inspirational contributors to this bananas list.

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