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    • JeffThom

      Wow, do you get all of your jokes from old bumper stickers? Tired, tired, tired… Haters gonna hate — and, as usual, for no good reason — but I’m proud to beaPETA member since they actually get stuff done that saves and improves animals’ lives. (Don’t take my word for it; go to and look at all the victories they won last year alone.) And much of their success is due to pushing the envelope with ads like these which, contrary to the opinion of the writer and many commenters, haven’t hurt one single being, human or otherwise. That’s what PETA’s accomplished. What have all of you snarky complainers done to make the worldakinder or better place? Yeah,Ithought not. If that’s all you have to offer, you can at least direct your scorn at those who deserve it: those who inflict suffering on other beings for pleasure or profit.

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