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    The Worst Halloween Costumes for Cheap People!

    Halloween is just around the corner. Seems like every year Halloween Costumes get more & more expensive! Here's some crappy costumes for your last minute runs to the Halloween SuperStores, Halloween Adventures, Halloween MANIA!!!!!

    • 1. Shabba Guy

      (he seems soo friendly, right?!)

    • 2. Rap Star Goatee

      (Gangsta Gold Tooth not included)

    • 3. Unisex Lead Singer Wig

      (soo glad its "unisex")

    • 4. Franken Berry Costume

      (1% Milk not included)

    • 5. Lame Elf Shoes

      (super cheap)

    • 6. South Park's Cartman Costume

      (not for Big Boned People)

    • 7. Kid UPS Driver

      (get him working while he's young and the gas is cheap)

    • 8. Village People Costume

      (AIDS not included)

    • 9. Perrugue Guy Wig

      (is that James Franco?)

    • 10. Doggie Dojo Costumes

      (your dog will gain respect!)

    • 11. Pumpkin Boobie Tassels

      (locally grown)

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